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Our History

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In the second mid of 1800, Ermenegildo Pozza founded Pozza sawmill and carpentry at Recoaro Terme making use of the descending waterfall of little dolomites torrent. Since then, the factory was conducted at first by his son Giuseppe, then by his nephew Dario, that was the first one in the middle of the '50s that designed and manufactured playgrounds.

In the '60s, under the direction of Piergiulio Pozza, playgrounds construction, especially metallic ones was more diversified and boosted : in 1966, we were the first in Italy that manufactured and patented animal shape spring playgrounds that we see nowadays in all parks.

In the '80s, after that son Franco, current technical director, and son Dario, current sales manager joined the company, Pozza launched a new wooden playground line and opened a new planning and manufacturing branch at San Quirico di Valdagno (Vicenza). During those years, we started creating themed playgrounds on request, and we take pride of creating impressive and unique structures.

In the early '90s, our playgrounds and equipment were among the first in Italy to have German TUV safety certification in compliance with DIN 7926.

In 2000 our company got ISO 9001 certification and our technical director obtained from TUV, diploma of UNI 1176/7 expert for new designs and maintenance of preexisting ones.

In 2006, ISO 14001, and PEFC FSC certifications were added, to guarantee that used wood comes from responsibly managed forests. Because we care about our environment.

Since 2012 Pozza s.r.l is part of the oldest companies in Italy. For us, quality is the fruit of our experience.

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